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JK Executive chauffeur has a responsibility to protect the privacy of passengers. We use the information that we collect lawfully (As per the Data Protection Act 1998). We gather information to provide better service.  We do not use personal information for marketing purposes unless you have given us your consent.

You have the full right to request a copy of all the information that we hold about you. We would like to make sure to keep your personal information up to date. You may ask us to correct or remove information if you think is inaccurate. If you don’t like to receive such information you may opt-out at any time and have a right to stop us from contacting you for marketing purposes.

We collect information like personal details of the passenger like name, address, mobile number, and email address. We never ask for any sensitive information without your consent.

Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise, or loss. Also, about taking care of our drivers and clients and ensuring that we are respecting their privacy.

Data Protection Principles

Data protection compliance is based largely on a set of principles.

The six GDPR principle says that: –

  • Whatever you do with people’s information has to be fair and legal. This includes making sure that they know what you are doing with the information about them
  • When you obtain information, you must be clear about why you are obtaining it, and must then use it only for the original purposes.
  • You must hold the right information for your purpose: it must be adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary.
  • Your information must be accurate and where necessary up to date.
  • You must not hold information longer than necessary.
  • You must have appropriate security to prevent your information from being lost, damaged, or getting into the wrong hands.


We would like to convey the information about our service. If you don’t like to receive such information you may opt-out at any time and have a right to stop us from contacting you for marketing purposes.

How do we collect and use your information?

Depending upon the nature of our business, we may collect different information, and these differences are defined below.


We collect and use your information when you provide it to us mainly to provide access to our services and products. It helps us to improve our offerings to you and for certain other purposes. We collect personal data when you complete the form for us via our website (our website) or by phone, and email.

Employees and Drivers

We collect information relevant to our legal obligations as an employer or as a driver. This information may include your name, telephone number, and email address, in addition, to address, bank account details, licensing information, and details relating to criminal convictions and other information which is required as part of our screening and vetting processes.

Why we need your details

We need your details to make sure we are able to fully assist you with any inquiries or requested services. We do not collect any personal information from you if not required or necessary for the service.

What we do with your details

The personal data we collect from you is only processed in the UK and EU areas. Third parties will have access to your personal data only when they are under contract and following the signature of a non-disclosure agreement. These third parties include:

Customers, Employees, Drivers, and Suppliers

  • Your data will be disclosed to the drivers in order to complete your requested service
  • Transport for London (upon receipt of a proper and justified request).
  • Police and other regulatory authorities (upon receipt of a proper and justified request).

How long your data will be stored with us

Service user personal data will be retained for no more than 12 months following each use of our service unless you exercise your rights highlighted below.

Your details are collected when you visit our app, website and the resources that you access, as well as the details of transactions you perform through our website while bookings. As per Transport for London Authority, we are obliged to retain journey records for a period of 12 months as a condition of our contract. Similarly, we are required to keep any complaint from the customer, lost property logs, and account query records for the same period of time. Employee data, driver data, and financial data will be retained for 12 months from the end of their contract with JK Executive Chauffeur.