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Know The Difference Between A Driver And A Professional Chauffeur

On the surface, it might seem that a chauffeur is just a fancy name of a regular driver but that is not exactly correct. Without any denial, we agree with the fact that both need to pick you up from your location and drive you to the place you desire. But there are a lot of differences in various aspects.

Ever wondered why to hire the professional chauffeurs when you can get the drivers at really cheap prices? Now here comes the difference when you book from a regular driver from taxi/cab hire service and a professional chauffeur.

A driver simply operates the vehicle without following any rules and regulations whereas a chauffeur is a professional who is hired to drive a luxury car or limousines while taking extra care of the passengers seated in his/her luxury car.

Difference Between A Driver And A Professional Chauffeur

Quality of Service they deliver

Taxi drivers only bother to get their job done by picking you up from one location and dropping you off to another and back again if required in their very own vehicle. But chauffeur is something different. They are more than just a person driving a car. He is a professional who ensures you reach your destination in comfort, style in a vehicle that represents you or your company.

The professional chauffeur will also help you out with your luggage and will also provide meet and greet service without having you to worry about anything. JK Executive Chauffeurs offers the best chauffeur service with top-class experienced chauffeurs.


A professional chauffeur is always neatly dressed in a tie and suit whereas for the driver they don’t pay much attention to their attire. They are mostly dressed casually in Bermudas and shirts without giving that professional look and feel. Here at JK Executive Chauffeurs, we offer the most professional chauffeurs attired in a black suit. They are well-groomed and are presentable.


The chauffeurs go through extensive training before coming on-board. They have good topographical knowledge and traffic patterns of the area they drive in learning more than just the traffic rules. Whereas the local taxi drivers only hold a driving license and start driving without having any in-depth knowledge of professionalism.


Safety is a top priority for a professional chauffeur, who knows to drive defensively and not aggressively. Your safe ride should also be a pleasant ride wanting you to ride more and more. Chauffeurs are held accountable for their actions and strive hard to satisfy their customers.

Confidential and Trustworthy

Your chauffeur is reliable, professional, courteous, well-manned, trustworthy and discreet. The client is the most important personality for them. Your data remains confidential with our professional chauffeurs without any insecurities of data being leaked you can simply relax in peace.

Clean Vehicles

The chauffeurs will always take pride in their job and will carry themselves with subtle dignity. Their vehicles are pristine, clean and are regularly maintained to the company standards. As for the driver, they don’t pay much attention to sanitation and their vehicles are likely to be dirty. Their only focus is money-making without worrying about the quality of service they offer.

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